John is Grateful for TRH Rehabilitation Unit

The Three Rivers Rehabilitation Unit had the pleasure of meeting up again with Mr. John Stevens on May 5, 2017. John was a former patient on our rehab unit on two different occasions. In 2013, he suffered a stroke. He faced several challenges during this time, the most difficult being learning to walk again. But he did it!

“The therapists worked very hard with me and showed me exactly what to do. Each therapist had their unique way of teaching me. I liked that. It gave me a different perspective and outlook on things,” said John.

Recently, John was admitted again to our rehab unit with what is called “late-effect” stroke. John began feeling weaker at home and started to experience some falls. His wife called our social worker, Chris Johnson, and Chris put her in contact with our staff on the rehab unit. Physical Therapist Ruta Grinvalds made a visit to John’s home to do an assessment and determine if John could benefit from rehab again. John said he never appreciated anything so much in his lifetime as he did that visit. It gave him hope again. After consultation with his family physician, John was admitted again to our rehab unit.

The nurses and therapists were excellent once again. They got me stronger and able to walk again. They don’t give up on you, they make you work!”

When we asked John if he would recommend our rehab to other people, he shouted out, “Well of course I would, it’s the best rehab unit in our state. Why wouldn’t you recommend the best to people? They take care of the whole person, not just what’s wrong with you. I might not be as fast as I used to be, and I might need a wheelchair for long distances … but I can walk again, and I am stronger thanks to the staff at Three Rivers Health Rehab!

Three Rivers Health is CARF accredited (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and holds a special accreditation in stroke rehabilitation. For additional information, please call 269.273.9795.