Recovering in a New Home

Julia Meixner and her husband were looking forward to moving to our smaller community from Jackson and joining their friends Roberta and Furmer Reed in the small-town life and being closer to their family in the Kalamazoo area. 2017 was set to be an exciting year of changes, until the 26th of January. With the move to the new home almost complete, Julia was making one last trip to the old house when she was broadsided by a truck, leaving her pinned in her own car with an exposed broken femur and heavily bleeding. Once the Jaws of Life extracted Julia, other factures and injuries became apparent. She was taken to the University of Michigan for surgery to implant a rod in her leg and start her healing process. After one week of intense care at U of M, it was time for rehabilitation. Julia wanted to be closer to her family for this process. Her case worker was not confident the smaller Three Rivers Health Rehabilitation Pavilion (TRH) was the right place for Julia, but she was adamant about being closer to her new home and family. She arrived at TRH on a stretcher and says she immediately felt comforted by the staff as she settled in. Julia says she was treated like a queen by everyone in the Rehabilitation Pavilion, even as they made her work very hard every day toward her recovery. “My therapist, Ruta Grinvalds, PT, quickly learned my strengths and weaknesses, and she worked diligently with me to use them both to my advantage. Everyone here was so friendly and encouraging, the facilities and equipment were great for healing, and who knew hospital food could be so great!” After two weeks, Julia left rehab in a wheelchair to go home and continued her healing with in-home visits from Luke Sherwin, PT, every week. After about a month, Julia was out of the wheelchair and off to the Outpatient Physical Therapy Department inside the Health and Wellness Center at Three Rivers Health. Michael Bylsma, PT, DPT  and Amber Lederman, PTA, continued to work with Julia to recover and strengthen her body so she could enjoy her new life. In the months that followed the January accident, Julia has settled into her new home and fallen in love with the small-town life. “My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying our new life here and appreciate all this community has to offer, especially Three Rivers Health.”