Changing Lifestyles at HealthTRAC

Don Stoner spent many years enjoying an unhealthy lifestyle with little exercise, lots of fast food and rare visits with his physician. When he finally did make that visit to his physician, he weighed in at 280 pounds and was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar and given a prescription for each. Don took this diagnosis seriously and cut out all pop, sodium, fast food and faithfully took his medications. On his next visit with his physician he was pleased to find out he no longer had to take the blood pressure medication, but his sugar and weight were still a problem. That’s when Don decided to get a membership to HealthTRAC and have a consultation with a dietitian. Don says “Those were two of the best decisions in my life!” Since Don had never worked out before, he didn’t know exactly what to do. Don utilized personal trainers Harlie Sherman and Heather Bowers at HealthTRAC to teach him how to exercise properly and safely. Now, Don exercises almost daily and enjoys coming to the facility and continuing to rebuild his body. Don also met with Three Rivers Health Dietitian, Theresa Montmorency, who taught Don about healthy eating and developed a diet for Don that he follows very closely. “Thanks to the crew at Three Rivers Health and HealthTRAC, I have been able to lose 65 pounds and learned a lot about healthy living. Everything is trending in the right direction for me and I am getting healthier every day as a result of their help.”

Less than four months after his lifestyle change, Don was able to lower his blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar enough that he was taken off all medication.