Medical Imaging Diagnostic Testing Preparation

Bone Density Scans

CT Scan, with contrast, for any body area EXCEPT the Abdomen or Pelvis.

CT Scan, with contrast, of your kidneys/urinary tract (bladder).

CT Scan, with contrast, of your Abdomen or Pelvis. 

Gastric Emptying Scan (GI Scan)

Simple Stress Test, not for Nuclear Medicine Stress Test.

Nuclear Medicine HIDA Scan, or HIDA Scan.

VQ Scan, Nuclear Medicine Lung Scan, or Lung VQ Scan

Mammogram or Breast Ultrasound

Any MRI of the abdomen, pelvis, or kidneys. Ultrasound of the abdomen, or an organ in the abdominal area.

Nuclear Medicine Renal Scan

Nuclear Medicine Stress Tests only. This does not apply to Simple Stress Tests or GXT Stress Tests.

Nuclear Medicine Thyroid Scan

Ultrasounds for pregnant patients.

Ultrasound of the Pelvis area, including ovaries and uterus. Not for patients that are pregnant.

Ultrasound of the kidneys or urinary tract (bladder).