West Michigan Ear, Nose and Throat

The simple fact is that ear, nose and throat health are intricately connected. Like a series of branches in a forest, the systems of the body are inter-related, with one leading to another. It is that understanding that allows us to provide the very best care for our patients, guiding them on a clear path to feeling better.

Our practice encompasses medical and surgical ENT care in addition to the following specialized treatments:


  • Dizziness & Balance Testing
  •  VNG, VEMP, and ECOCHG
  •  Middle Ear Laser Surgery
  •  Hearing Loss Diagnosis
  •  Facial Nerve Testing
  •  Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting for all ages
  •  Specific devices for individual needs and environments
  •  Custom Hearing Protection Plugs
  •  Musicians, industrial work, recreational, etc.


  • Balloon Sinus Dilation
  •  Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  •  Nasal Air Flow Studies
  •  Allergy Testing and Treatment


  • Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery
  • Laser Laryngeal Surgery
  • Sleep Apnea Surgery

Head & Neck Injury

  • Removal of Benign and Malignant Lesions
  •  Resection of Cancer


  • Food and Inhalant Allergy
  •  Testing
  •  Treatment


3850 Glenkerry Ct.
Portage, MI  49024
Phone: 269-327-7200
Fax: 269-327-9272

Douglas Raedy, DO   
Lynette Burkett, AuD   
Amelia Verduzco, PA-C