Thank an Employee

TR HealthFIT

TRHealthFIT will get you on TRAC to a Healthy, Well and Fit Corporation!

We are here to help you take care of your most valuable asset; your employees. Healthy employees make for a happier, more productive work force. A corporation that promotes healthy living and disease prevention will encourage their employees to make wellness a priority in their life; benefiting not only the individual, but also the company! Americans spend on average 55-60 percent of their waking hours at work. If we begin to turn their day into a health-centered atmosphere, it will lead to less sick days, less work-related injuries and more enthusiastic, physically productive employees.

Three Rivers Health is focused on reaching out to all local companies to improve and maintain the health and wellness of our community through our TRHealthFIT Corporate Wellness Program. TRHealthFIT is here to provide everything you need on our campus. HealthTRAC offers all of your Wellness Program Services to increase and maintain your employees’ levels of physical fitness and disease prevention. HealthTRAC also includes our Outpatient Physical Therapy Services for injury rehabilitation to get your employees back to work sooner. Our goal is to prevent, treat and rehabilitate the employee to improve their daily productivity and quality of life.

Please contact Megan Rimer at 269.273.9635 or by email at for information.