Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Three Rivers Health is a nationally certified program, having met the gold standard for care established by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). This medically-based program that offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team approach to help cardiac patients regain a normal, active, and productive life. Our team works to provide you with the best possible physical, mental and social conditions to enable you to achieve this goal. The program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the cardiac patient who has recently experienced a cardiac event or has a cardiac problem that is stabilized. Such an event may consist of a heart attack, coronary stents, bypass surgery, heart transplant or stable angina.

Cardiac rehabilitation can improve the quality of your life if you suffer from heart disease, have had recent heart surgery, or have been the victim of a recent heart attack.

Under the recommendation of your cardiologist or primary physician, an order is obtained for you to participate in the cardiac rehab program. This is designed with one goal in mind: to improve your cardiac health. Our team consists of several medical professionals, including a medical doctor who serves as medical director, cardiac critical care nurses, exercise physiologists and nutritionists, as well as specialized programs for those with additional needs, such as diabetes, respiratory needs and medical social work of the program. Most insurance programs will cover the costs. A referral from your physician is necessary for entry into the Cardiac Rehab program.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation sessions are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for one hour. Generally, the program will last three months. We call this part of cardiac rehab Phase II. You will be monitored continuously with a heart monitoring device. A registered nurse and exercise physiologist will work with you each session. During your session you will work at a level that is safe, yet beneficial for your cardiac improvement. The team will provide educational tools to help reduce risk factors that contribute to heart disease, including smoking, stress, hereditary risks, blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol, as well as a physical program to prepare you to become independent and knowledgeable concerning a heart-healthy lifestyle.

After you have successfully completed Phase II, you may choose to participate in Phase III, a more independent yet still personal program, supervised by our own cardiac exercise physiologist. This will last for three months or longer if you choose. Following the cardiac programs, you are then ready to start your own exercise program. With this new heart-healthy lifestyle, many will join HealthTRAC for the wide variety of exercising opportunities available.

If you would like to learn more about our services or participate in this highly motivating, educational program, don’t hesitate to call us or contact your doctor.

Our Goals

  • Maximize recovery
  • Normalize physical performance
  • Minimize risk of further heart problems if you have heart disease or are at risk for heart disease

Our Services

  • Nationally certified program
  • Patient education
  • Exercise therapy
  • Individual exercise program, conducted on an outpatient basis
  • Specialized exercise equipment used for strengthening heart muscle
  • Monitoring by registered nurses and Exercise Physiologists trained in cardiac rehab
  • Monitoring of heart rate, rhythm, and blood pressure
  • Program consisting of 3 one-hour sessions per week, for 12 weeks
  • Guidelines for home-based exercise programs or fitness center programs given at the completion of the program

Rehabilitation takes time, and our trained professionals involved in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program are committed to spending the time with you to encourage and assist you to resume a normal life.

For more information, please call the Cardiac Rehabilitation director at (269)273-9758.