Happy Hospital Week!

A video tribute and “thank you” to our staff, from our CEO, Dave Shannon

Hello, everyone. I hope you are all doing well, and staying healthy. We miss your seeing your smiling faces each day, and hopefully we will be able to see them again, very soon.

It is National Hospital Week, and while we would normally be doing something special for all of our staff to join in the celebration, we unfortunately are unable to be together to do that.

Right now, we are all busy writing history. Never has there been a time like this, and these pivotal moments will be referred to for the rest of our lives. It is amazing how much has changed, for all of us, in just a few short weeks. We have been stretched to our limits, challenged in ways we never have been before, and worked tirelessly to make sure that we deliver the same great care as always. It has not been easy. For those of you working from home, thank you for finding ways to stay productive and on top of all of your tasks. It takes a great level of determination to not lose sight of what is important.

For those of you still working on the front line, you are truly an inspiration. You are face-to-face with constant changes, never knowing what to expect for tomorrow, and battling a health crisis on all angles. It takes great strength to find that level of resilience and you have proven that you can adapt to anything. This has all been challenging, but you are making us so proud. You heroically face uncertainty every day and I am proud of your efforts, your attitudes, and your perseverance.

We are working out a plan to start opening our services, and being together once again. This will likely bring about new challenges and expectations, but we will get through that just as we have gotten through these past months. When we are all able to be together again, we will find a way to celebrate Hospital Week appropriately. Plans are in the works for what that will look like so stay tuned for more on that. We want to be able to celebrate with you, honor you, and show appreciation to our people because this year has thrown too many curveballs already. If you have any ideas of how you would like to celebrate, please feel free to send your ideas our way. We want to make this a special event for everyone.

Until we meet again, on behalf of a grateful community, the board of directors, and the Three Rivers Health leadership team, I salute the men and women of our organization who support the health of our communities. Thank you for being dedicated to quality care, even during unnerving times. Please continue to be safe and do your part to protect, lean on, and care for each other.

Thank you for all that you are doing and Happy Hospital Week to each of you.

See you all very soon.

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