Mindset 365

Mindset 365

Mindset 365

In the ever-changing world of weight loss programs, dieting and wellness can be difficult to keep track of.

Fat is bad one day, good the next. Carbs are good one month, bad the next.

Fast for this long. Fast for that long. Don’t fast at all!

It’s a whirlwind of trends, celebrity endorsements, quick fixes and wellness-based whole lifestyle plans, each navigating for market share and authenticity.

Did you know that Americans spend more than $60 billion dollars annually on health and fitness, on gym memberships, wraps, shakes, and supplements, etc?…Yes $60 BILLION dollars!

We not asking that . We are offering a competitive plan that provides life-changing habits to keep you healthy long-term, with a year-long coaching and accountability while you work at getting healthier.

Mindset 365 includes 16 weekly sessions, followed by monthly support sessions, facilitated by a Registered Dietitian, with decades of experience!

This program will provide you with the tools you need to help you along your journey to wellness.

Mindset 365 was originally developed by the Centers for Disease Control AND has proven results. Research shows that following this program reduced the diagnosis of diabetes by 58% among the adults showing symptoms of pre-diabetes.

If you are ready to reduce blood sugars, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lose weight and feel incredible, join our group now!

Mindset 365

Monday nights at 5:30 pm

Three Rivers Health – St. Joseph Conference Room

Contact our Nutritional Services Department to register: 269-273-9607.

It’s ONLY $240 for the ENTIRE year! – That’s almost the monthly cost of those shakes and wraps that have been leaving Americans disappointed for years.

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