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Three Rivers Health Foundation


Three Rivers Health Foundation exists to advance and support Three Rivers Health System, Inc.


To be the source of funding to support Three Rivers Health System, Inc. for dynamic healthcare – now, and into the future.


Our Story

The Three Rivers Health Foundation drives a comprehensive program of fund development that supports the overall mission and vision of Three Rivers Health System, Inc. Support the Three Rivers Health Foundation and make a positive impact for patients and their families today … and for decades to come.

Supporting Three Rivers Health System, Inc. in achieving its goals through philanthropy, the Three Rivers Health Foundation focuses on building lifelong relationships with contributors, raises funds and dedicates its resources to further advance the needs of Three Rivers Health System, Inc. and those it serves.

Our latest 3D Mammogram Technology is proven to better detect breast cancer and help save lives. Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in women. Your very best defense is early detection and diagnosis. Our state-of-the-art 3D mammogram technology is proven to detect breast cancer better than the traditional 2D mammography alone. Up to 30% of cancers go undetected by standard mammography and 52 to 76% of cancers are missed in dense breast tissue, where tumors are more difficult to identify.

The impact of Three Rivers Health System, Inc. can truly be measured in the “intangibles” we offer — embracing the ability to help patients and their families find inspiration, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and ultimately independence. Over 500-plus employees are making a difference in the lives of many people throughout greater St. Joseph County. And Three Rivers Health System, Inc. is creating a significant positive economic impact in the community.

You too can make a difference through your generosity and caring. By making a pledge or gift today, you will help Three Rivers Health System, Inc. to continue providing quality health care, enhance our ability to expand our facilities – and, remain on the cutting edge of new technology while improving the health and wellness of those residing in our surrounding communities.

Donations can be made by check and mailed to: Three Rivers Health Foundation, 701 S. Health Parkway, Three Rivers, MI 49093.

If you would like to discuss your various options (inclusive of memorials and honorariums) for giving to the Three Rivers Health Foundation, you may contact Dave Shannon at 269-273-9601 or email:

Our team thanks you for your commitment and confidence in Three Rivers Health System, Inc.