Celebrating The Holidays, Despite the Separations

November and December really kick off the holiday season and can be somewhat stressful for many people. Add the worries of the Pandemic and concerns for family health risks, separating from family and friends can be difficult to keep your spirits bright. Here is a list of some fun ways to connect despite the distance.

Give Back – This time of year is the “Season of Giving” for a reason. You will be surprised by how filled your heart can be just by helping others who are in need. Seek out opportunities to volunteer time or donate to a cause that brings you joy. Don’t let the holiday blues stop you from spreading your kindness and cheer to others.

Focus on Wellness – Skip the drinks and focus on wellness and self-care instead: Do a group mediation or, if you’re a close-knit team, a yoga or pilates class. Gift a membership to a streaming service or wellness app to help keep it going into the new year.

Organize a Recipe Exchange – With people cooking at home more than ever, our go-to dishes might be getting a bit boring. Mix it up by trading recipes with your coworkers as a fun way to share cultural holiday cuisine.

Virtual Wine Tasting Party – Chances are, your colleagues could use a drink, so why not send wine to each home office and cheers together? If you’re all local, pay your local bottle shop to deliver; otherwise, have a winery ship to the individual locations. Either way, ask them if they’ll walk everyone through a virtual tasting together—make it a blind tasting if you’re feeling competitive. 

Make Cookies or Open Gifts Via Video Chat – Consider opening gifts, or decorating cookies via video chat. This is a great way to stay connected. If kids are involved, it can be quite memorable for them also.

Home Scavenger Hunt – Either give one prompt or put together a whole list of them, like “Raid the fridge: Everyone go grab the weirdest thing in your fridge right now. Weirdest wins.” or “Something sentimental: Pick out a meaningful item and share why it’s important to you.”

Christmas Lights Parade or Neighborhood Walk – Take advantage of all the decorations this time of year with a tour of the most festive part of town. Hand out hot ciders and stroll around as a group.

However you plan to celebrate. Be safe and have fun. You may even create a new, memorably tradition, while you distance.

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