Ownership & Governance

Locally Owned, Locally Governed

Three Rivers Health Systems, Inc. is a non-profit regional medical center and health care organization located in Three Rivers, Michigan. Three Rivers Health is controlled by the Three Rivers Health Governing Board. It is recognized for public charitable purposes as established by section 501-c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. The organization’s not-for-profit status ensures that all financial resources remaining after expenses are paid will be legally committed to improving the technology, patient services, and facilities. Any contribution that you may wish to make to support Three Rivers Health can be in the form of a tax-deductible gift, endowment, bequest, or trust. For more information, contact the Three Rivers Health Foundation at 269.273.9797.

The Governing Board

The Medical Center is governed by a voluntary Governing Board and all board members are at-large, appointed to a three year term by the Board. The Board members, whose only remuneration is in knowing that they have represented the interests and wishes of the Medical Center’s governmental units and broad constituencies, are dedicated to providing the best possible care available at the lowest cost to the consumer. Candidates for member-at-large appointment are interviewed by the Nominating Committee and recommended for appointment to the Board.

The Board’s Style of Governance

The Board expresses the public voice of the citizenry of the governing units and the larger Medical Center service area (approximately 40,000 persons). The board’s duty is to understand and anticipate the desires and wishes of its ownership and translate those desires and wishes into organizational performance. The board does this by setting the broad course and direction of the organization, guiding the future outcomes resulting through Medical Center initiatives found in carefully written policy statements. The board delegates authority to its chief executive officer (CEO) for Medical Center operations with specific limitations to avoid unacceptable situations and activities, and carefully monitors to ensure that the organization achieves what it should. Routine areas for the board’s review include Medical Center compliance with applicable legal requirements, the maintenance of professional and ethical standards of health services, sound financial management and operation of Three Rivers Health, and selection and appointment of a qualified and credentialed medical staff.

For current Board member information, contact the Administrative offices at Three Rivers Health by calling 269.273.9602 or by e-mail at

Current Board Members


  • Laurie Hines, Chairperson
  • Ray Bendure, Vice Chairperson/Treasurer
  • Rick Cordes, Secretary

Board Members

  • Jessica Puckett, DO
  • James MacDonald, DO
  • Jim Stuck
  • Janell Hart
  • Jennifer Platz
  • Adam Goff, OD