Our History

The very first Three Rivers Hospital was housed in the Bonny Castle going all the way back to 1915.  In 1923 a fund drive was started to build the new Three Rivers Hospital, and construction was completed in May of 1925.  The location on Spring Street at Scidmore Park was a beautiful setting for the 30 bed facility. When first established, the City of Three Rivers owned the hospital and handled the operations and budget while the hospital board took care of staffing, accreditation and improvements.   As the community grew so did the hospital with additions in 1950, 1955 and 1959 eventually housing 94 beds.

In 1948 the Hospital Auxiliary was established to help in areas such as reception, library cart and eventually the snack bar.  Money raised by Auxiliary fund raisers is still used to this day to purchase pieces of equipment.  Even in the 40’s the number of volunteers was close to 200!

In the early 1970’s a $301,000 capital investment program was approved for new construction on an expanded emergency room, a new kitchen and dining room, and a pharmacy.  In 1979 the City of Three Rivers, along with Park, Lockport, Fabius and Constantine Townships formed the Three Rivers Health Authority Board which leased the operation of the hospital from the City. 

The first half of the 1980’s were challenging for the hospital during a severe recession, with three different interim administrators and 39 indefinite layoffs.  But by midway through the decade things were looking up.  In 1985 a groundbreaking ceremony was held at 1111 W. Broadway (now 701 S. Health Parkway) for the brand new $10,300,000 hospital building.  By July of 1987 the first tours of the new facility were conducted.  And in 1989 a specialty clinic was constructed just to the East of the main hospital facility which housed two physicians’ offices and 10 exam rooms. 

In 1997 HealthTRAC opened for business as a state-of-the-art fitness center.  Today HealthTRAC is one of the top health and fitness facilities in Southwest Michigan with classes and activities for all ages!  It also houses outpatient physical therapy and cardiac rehab. 

 It was 2004 when plans started for a face lift to the front entrance of the hospital.  The bright and expansive lobby and registration area was completed in 2006 providing a warm welcome to patients and visitors. Then in November 2011, the residents in the Authority jurisdictions voted to allow the hospital to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which became effective in 2013. With that came the official name change to Three Rivers Health System, Inc.

Today Three Rivers Health is a 60 bed facility employing approximately 500 people including providers specializing in many fields.  There are 16 clinics at various locations throughout the St. Joseph and Kalamazoo Counties. Growth and expansion continues with new services being frequently added.  We are very proud of our history of serving the people of the greater Three Rivers area and will continue to do so well into the future.