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    Changing Lifestyles at HealthTRAC

    Don Stoner spent many years enjoying an unhealthy lifestyle with little exercise, lots of fast food and rare visits with his physician. When he finally did make that visit to his physician, he weighed in at 280 pounds and was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar and given a prescription for each. Don took this diagnosis seriously and cut out all pop, sodium, fast food and faithfully took his medications. On his next visit with his physician he was pleased to...

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    Recovering in a New Home

    Julia Meixner and her husband were looking forward to moving to our smaller community from Jackson and joining their friends Roberta and Furmer Reed in the small-town life and being closer to their family in the Kalamazoo area. 2017 was set to be an exciting year of changes, until the 26th of January. With the move to the new home almost complete, Julia was making one last trip to the old house when she was broadsided by a truck, leaving her pinned in her own car with an exposed broken femur a...

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    John is Grateful for TRH Rehabilitation Unit

    The Three Rivers Rehabilitation Unit had the pleasure of meeting up again with Mr. John Stevens on May 5, 2017. John was a former patient on our rehab unit on two different occasions. In 2013, he suffered a stroke. He faced several challenges during this time, the most difficult being learning to walk again. But he did it! "The therapists worked very hard with me and showed me exactly what to do. Each therapist had their unique way of teaching me. I liked that. It gave me a different perspect...

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